Why Choose The Royal Spice Restaurant To Satisfy Your Indian Cravings

Do you ever have that feeling that if you don’t get to enjoy some spicy, tasty and delicious Indian food within the next 24 hours you may very well just die on the spot?
Granted, we know that we may be being a little dramatic, but all the same, Indian food sure does have a way of making us crave it! Why are we so addicted to Indian food and where can you find an Indian meal that knows how to pack a punch when it comes to taste and flavour? Allow us to explain why our taste buds just love Indian food and why the Royal Spice restaurant could be the ideal place for you to get your next Indian fix.

So Why Do So Many Of Us Love Indian Food? 


It’s All About Flavours That Don’t Overlap 

Believe it or not, in 2015 a group of Indian researchers actually decided to find out the scientific reason why so many Westerners love to get their paws on some great Indian cuisine. The results were very interesting!
In comparison to typical Western food, Indian food uses ingredient combinations which do not overlap when it comes to their main flavours. What do we mean?
Firstly, we need to understand what we actually mean by a flavour. We know flavours to be sweet, sour, bitter, floral and so on. However, in chemical terms, a flavour is a precise chemical compound. In one single ingredient, there a usually around 50 flavour compounds. We know, this is quite hard to get your head around and there is more to come yet so stay with us!
In Indian meals, flavours are used against each other, this means that each flavour has the chance to steal the limelight and really be noticed in the main meal. How does all of this translate to our taste buds? In one very expressive word; magnificent!

Ingredients Galore 

There are around 380 known food ingredients in the world. Whilst we may struggle to list even a handful that we tend to use in our typical cooking, the world of Indian cookery actually makes use of nearly 200 of these ingredients! It really is little wonder that Indian food is so varied, versatile and the absolute opposite of boring!

It’s Not Just About The Food 

The Indian eating culture is certainly not just about grabbing a mouthful and rushing on to your next activity. Eating is an activity in the Indian family scene. It is a time for the whole family to gather around, to catch up, to swap stories and to do all of this over fabulous food. If you have never visited the home of an Indian family you really need to try to make it happen, you may very well be blown away, not just by the food, but by how great the food tastes when dining is viewed as an event.

Where To Go For Your Indian Cravings To Be Satisfied 

We can imagine what is happening to you right now as you read about Indian food and just a few of the reasons why we love it so much. That’s right, your mouth is starting to water, your tummy is starting to growl and the meal that you had planned for this evening is feeling less and less appealing by the minute. So where are you going to go to satisfy your Indian cravings?
Allow us to recommend the Royal Spice restaurant. What kind of dishes will be available to tantalize your taste buds?
Of course, like all restaurants, menus can change, however, we are going to indulge you in information about typical Indian dishes which you will more than likely find available in most restaurants, including the Royal Spice restaurant.

Tandoori Dishes 

An all-time favourite for many visitors to Indian restaurants, Tandoori dishes know how to pack a punch when it comes to flavour. For instance, take Tandoori Chicken, tender chicken, marinated in yoghurt and with the addition of special spices. The meat then tends to be barbecued over charcoal in a clay oven; pure perfection.

Biryani Dishes 

Rice dishes have the power to be boring and without flavour, or succulent, mouth-watering and sensational. When you go to the right Indian restaurant, you are sure to get the latter. You can opt for a Special Biryani with a mixture of prawns, chicken, and lamb or beef meat, or if you prefer, choose the meat of your choice. If you feel like something extra in you Biryani why not ask the Royal Spice restaurant to create a rice dish just for you.

Balti Dishes 

An all-time favourite for myself, a great Balti is fairly hot without being fiercely hot and boasts bold flavours that will have you coming back for more. Remember, whilst many Indian dishes are served with meat, the vegetarians among us certainly do not need to feel that this cuisine is out of bounds for them. Most of the Indian dishes can be prepared with vegetables instead of meat and in fact, many of the side dishes which are traditionally cooked with vegetables only can easily be made into a main meal at your request.
Certainly, we know how loved Indian food is and for many good reasons. In fact, today we have learned that science is even able to back up our love for Indian cuisine! Whether you care to think about the chemical compounds which make up flavours when you eat your next Indian meal is entirely up to you, however, one thing you can be sure of is that science has got your back when it comes to craving Indian dishes time and time again.
If you feel like some traditional Indian food that knows how to pack a punch, why not consider visiting the Royal Spice restaurant? Whether you decide to go for a spicy Balti, a tasty Biryani, a creamy Korma or something else on the menu, be sure to savour each and every tasty morsel! Bon Appetit!